A flight towards your dreams.


Sky Leader Aviation Academy provides Excellence in comprehensive aviation education and training. Sky Leader Aviation Academy ensures promising aviation careers to budding and aspiring talents in aviation.

They provide an avant-garde and comprehensive in-house training to students enabling them to obtain FAA and EASA certifications in aviation without travelling abroad. Sky Leader Aviation Academy owns aircrafts for imparting innovative education to its students which is its unique selling proposition and competitive advantages. Prospective students will be imparted and empowered with the latest innovations, trends and knowledge in avionics.    


It is Sky Leader Aviation Academy's mission to responsibly impart cutting-edge training and impeccable professional qualifications designed to surpass the highest standards of the employment market thereby building competence, ability and attitude.   


The Vision of Sky Leader Aviation Academy is to acquire an admirable reputation and recognition as an innovative institution and potent catalyst in the constructive development of society at large.


Ethical: To adopt and inculcate high ethical and moral standards and perceptions in students.

Humanitarian: To foster mutual respect, camaraderie, excellence and cohesive team spirit.

Quality: Relentless standardization of educational curriculum tailored to the evolving aviation environment enabling seamless integration of talent to current market demands.  

Management: Dedicated and unrestrained commitment to pedagogical and administrative resolutions of the institutions for the sustenance of our corporate mission.   


Providing the tools necessary for a successful career.


About Us

Sky Leader - the trendsetter in aviation education and training was incorporated in 2011. Its founders are thoroughbred professionals with more than 20 years of core aviation experience in the various faculties and facets of the niche. This has enabled Sky Leader not only to proactively impart mentorship to students for preparing them for their certificates and ratings but also to gain a greater real world perspective to aviation and its challenges.    

Sky Leader’s uniqueness is its flight training facilities and organization which constitutes of time tested flight instructors who have provided high quality training to numerous serving pilots nationwide. Its facilities comprises of modern training equipment and experienced Certified Flight Instructors for imparting top of the line training experience, mentoring, exposure and tactics.

In December 2012,  SKY LEADER acquired the acclaimed status of a Technical School, under the tutelage of the Teaching Board of Guarulhos Sul and the Regional Council of Engineering and Architecture (CREA), and thereafter commenced to offer technical courses of aircraft maintenance in Group Powertrain, Avionics and Cell, where in a student could enroll in the civil aviation discipline in addition to several workshops in the domain of aircraft construction companies and auditing, besides signing reports.

With the unrelenting corporate mission of nurturing talents with the intent to enabling students to opt for professions in avionics with promising employability prospects, Sky Leader empowers students to seamlessly integrate to diverse emerging markets thereby contributing to their professional growth and satisfaction.  

In 2015, was accorded authorization from the State Board of Education, to include the technician course in flight commissioner into its curriculum. This course aligned with the popular market sentiment and presented a new dimension to professional courses by opening vistas for short term specialization courses with equal focus and seriousness. For the purpose, Sky Leader assembled the best available faculty to train and groom talent quickly and efficiently for their seamless integration to the chosen professional niche. This was essential as these courses needed substantial hands-on involvement besides the theoretical grooming of aspirants.    

In all today, Sky Leader Aviation Academy is placed at a competitive advantage in the Florida Aviation landscape as it possesses its own new generation aircrafts to provide hands-on education to its students instead of resorting to modalities beyond its institutional purview.